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•solos and licks for lead guitar,
with interactive analysis

•selected licks notated and musically explained

•jam along with the backing track!

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Lix Gallery: Phrygian Funk - Solo + 3 Licks analysed in full! (Shockwave plugin required - Download Shockwave first!) (see Interactive for more info)
also: Lix Gallery Lite for a non-Shockwave version (TAB & RealAudio) (see Interactive for more info)

ScaleJam of the Week (including Lick of the Day): see Specials for details! OR, make sure you have the Shockwave plugin - Download Shockwave first - then GO HERE!

Kool Chord: D7 no 3rd! (see Specials for more info)

Blues Fingerstyle Trax: Open String Blues! (see Specials for more info)

Visitors’ FAQ: How do I plug my guitar into my PC and play/record/mix?

Previous Versions of Lix Gallery, Lix Gallery Lite, Kool Chord, Visitors’ FAQs: go to Archives

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These pages contain a selection of solos, licks and riffs for lead guitar, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.

The Scales Page
If you want to view information on commonly used scales and modes check the Scales page.

The Interactive Page
The Interactive page is the key to the streamed audio and interactive elements of this site.
It leads to the Lix Gallery page where you can audition a guitar solo, as well as various guitar licks from the solo.
These are analysed in animated form in the various Show Me! sections. You can then play your own solo over the backing track. The Interactive page will explain how to use the Shockwave plugin to do this.
If you only want to hear the licks and view TAB, check Lix Gallery Lite.
The Lix Gallery solos and licks were written, performed and produced by the author, Maurice D’Abruzzo.

The What’s New Page
This page will keep you you posted re: developments to the site, including updated solos and licks.

The Specials Page
This page provides links to other pages of interest, including the Kool Chord page and the Link Pix page.

The Archives Page
Here you can check previously featured Lix Gallery, Kool Chord, Visitors’ FAQs files, as well as
Lix Gallery Lite - a non-Shockwave version of the Lix Gallery Archives.

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Disclaimer: All content is the author’s interpretation of standard music theory, & should be confirmed & validated by your music trainer, tutor or appropriate professional.

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