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E7(b10)  a.k.a. E Hendrix

This chord is found in every self respecting rock and blues player’s collection! The technical name E7(b10) tells us how the chord is constructed while its more popular form gives us a clue as to its roots - Hendrix (and others) brought this chord into the top 40 spotlight  with songs like Purple Haze. Its ‘bluesy’ feel comes from mixing a major and minor 3rd within the same chord. The b10 is actually  a minor 3rd an octave up.

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The basic E7 chord is represented on strings 5, 4, and 3; and the b10 on string 2.The open 1st and 6th strings are optional - leaving them out  makes the chord sound a little cleaner...

Fingering: try string 5 - finger 2, s4 - f1, s3 - f3, s2 - f4.

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