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1.Lix Gallery
Full interactive version. Requires Shockwave plugin.

2.Lix Gallery Lite
Audio and TAB only. Requires RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

3.Kool Chord
See Specials

1.Lix Gallery
To enjoy streaming audio and interactivity from the full version of the Lix Gallery and various Show Me! sections you will need the Shockwave plugin . Some browsers now include Shockwave, so you may already have it! If you experience any problems, try Shockwave Support

On the Lix Gallery and Lix Gallery Archive pages you will be able to listen to a featured solo, a backing track and several guitar licks from the solo. These have Show Me! links attached. If you would like to know how to play these licks you can refer to the individual Show Me! sections which include an interactive fretboard.

You can check out the lick one note at a time, playback at various tempos (with or without looping), get info, jam along with the backing, and interact with it in many ways.

(NB: Shockwave audio files may not play if other players such as RealPlayer are active. Try stopping/quitting these if you have problems with the audio. Reload the page if necessary)

If you donít have the Shockwave plugin, you can download it from here.

If you have it,
go straight to the
current version of the ...

Lix Gallery
size: 144k (approx 50 secs on 33.6 modem)

or any of the Lix Gallery Archives listed on the Archives page

2.Lix Gallery Lite
If you only want to listen to the licks/solos and view TAB notation, see the Lix Gallery Lite files. You will need RealPlayer or the Windows Media Player to audition the audio files.
RealPlayer can be downloaded from here.
Windows Media Player
can be downloaded from here.

If you have these or another suitable player, check out the current  Lix Gallery Lite.
You can also access more Lix Gallery Lite pages from the Archives page.

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