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ScaleJam of the Week
featuring Lick of the Day

Each week a new ScaleJam will be presented. It features a solo based on one of the Classical Modes or other important scales, eg the Blues Scale. Each lick  from the solo (updated daily) is derived from the featured scale/mode. The scale and lick can be checked out in audio/TAB format, so you can see how the lick is connected to the scale. Yes, you can also jam along with the backing track!

The presentation is a Shockwave ‘movie’,  so you will need the Shockwave plugin. Most browsers now include Shockwave; you may already have it! If you experience any problems, try Shockwave Support. To download the plugin, go here.

The updates will happen barring natural/cyber disasters, holidays or work overload! Enjoy!

Blues Fingerstyle Trax
These are 12 bar pieces played in the fingerstyle manner. Featuring bass, chordal and melodic elements, all played simultaneously! You will need RealPlayer or the Windows Media Player to audition the audio files.
RealPlayer can be downloaded from here.
Windows Media Player
can be downloaded from here.

The notation is in the standard TAB format. It will include right hand picking details. (If you are left handed, you will need to mirror the instructions!)

Kool Chord
The chord can be heard as a wav audio file. Most browsers support this format with a plugin or application e.g. Quicktime, Windows Media Player. (You can download Windows Media Player from here.) To hear the chord, simply click the play button on the inline image! (NB: Kool Chord files may not play if other players such as RealPlayer are active. Try stopping/quitting these if you have problems with the audio. Reload the page if necessary.) If you don’t have the relevant plugin/app to play the chord your browser will probably point you to a URL where you can get it....
The page also features a TAB image of the chord, a brief analysis of the harmonic structure, and info on suggested finger placement.

For more Kool Chords check the Kool Chord Archives on the Archives page

Link Pix
A list of links to guitar resource sites - these can point you in the right direction if you’re looking for equipment, career advice, or URLs of other guitar info sites.

If you would like to know more about the author, check this link...

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Disclaimer: All content is the author’s interpretation of standard music theory, & should be confirmed & validated by your music trainer, tutor or appropriate professional.

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