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Here you can check out all the Lix Gallery, Kool Chord, and Visitors’ FAQs pages featured in previous updates...

Lix Gallery Archives
Be sure to have the Shockwave plugin installed before you access the Lix Gallery Archives. If you don’t have the plugin you can get it here.
Blue Road Archive
Lydian Drone Archive
Ioni-Ann Archive
Dorian Groove Archive
Aeolian Swing Archive
The current Lix Gallery is accessed from the Interactive page.

The Shockwave files allow you to interact with individual notes, get info, jam along with the backing track etc...
If you only want to listen to the solo/licks and view the TAB notation without Shockwave try:

Lix Gallery Lite
The streamed audio files are in RealAudio format. These can be played by RealPlayer or the Windows Media Player. Download these players from here.
Blue Road Lite
Lydian Drone Lite
Ioni-Ann Lite
Dorian Groove Lite
Aeolian Swing Lite
The current Lix Gallery Lite is accessed from the Interactive page.

Kool Chord Archives
The audio files are in wav format. Various browser plugins/apps (Quicktime, Windows Media Player) will play these.
The current Kool Chord along with more info can be found on the Specials page.

Feedback Archives
Rhythm FAQ
Songwriting FAQ
Solos FAQ
Distortion FAQ
Grace Notes FAQ
Squeal Notes FAQ
Grunj Chords FAQ
First Riffs FAQ
The current Visitors’FAQs  can be found on the Feedback page

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