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 Visitors’ FAQs: Grace Notes

  • FAQ: Sometimes I hear solos that have very few notes. When I try to play those same notes they don’t sound the same - it's as if I'm missing something!
  • A: You're probably missing the embellishments - notes can be bent, a vibrato can be applied to them, or a whammy bar can be used to modulate the sound. Of course, electronic enhancements - chorus, flange, delay,etc., are also available. A simple, but easy embellishment technique is the use of so called grace notes. These are very short passing notes that can be used to make your phrases more compelling. The grace note precedes the main one - you can go from grace to main by using a slide, hammer/pulloff or even bend/letdown. Pulloffs and letdowns, of course, apply only when the grace note is above the main in pitch. Often the grace note is a half - step (1 fret) below the main - slides and hammers are quite easy to use in this situation. Check out Ioni-Ann/Lick 1 @ Ioni-Ann Archive (Shockwave plugin required - download first if necesary!) or Ioni-Ann Lite.
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