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 Visitors’ FAQs: Recording

  • FAQ: How do I plug my guitar into my PC and play/record/mix?
  • A: It is possible to plug any electric/electronic instrument (including a mic) into your PC. (Watch the volume - small speakers complain when whacked with big signals!) Most Windows setups have basic hardware and (very!) basic recording software. There is usually an audio-in hole at the back of the CPU. If you want to do some serious multitracking and mixing you might want to look into pro level software e.g. emagic’s Logic Audio. This is powerful stuff - it allows you to record MIDI and audio tracks and then play them back simultaneously! You can also add various software effects without buying any black boxes! If you choose, virtually all recording/mixing activity can now happen inside your CPU - very handy. What type of CPU? Traditionally, most operators in this field have leaned towards a Mac, but these days it’s not as big a deal. One thing’s for sure: you should get a computer with as much grunt as you can afford. A 200MHz Power Mac with a 604e processor is fine for most work. Of course the G3 and G4 models are way cool - but always check with a computer music professional before you buy!
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