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 Visitors’ FAQs: Rhythm

  • FAQ: My rhythm playing sounds a bit stiff and unnatural. How can I improve this?

  • A: Think FAST NOT HARD. Your pick should pass through the strings quickly but there is great value in varying the strength of the strum from one stroke to the next. Some rhythms don’t require you to play all 6 strings for each strum. For a crisp rhythm sound try your down and up strokes this way: DOWNSTROKE - make contact with the back of the strum hand index fingernail before the pick follows thru. UPSTROKE - do the same with the back of the thumbnail. Now as you play your rhythm, use your chord hand (usually the left!) to create muted sounds by pressing and lifting in certain spots within the rhythm pattern. All of these techniques help to add DYNAMIC to your rhythm, as well as creating that elusive smooth rhythm sound!
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