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 Visitors’ FAQs: Solos

  • FAQ: How can I make my solos more interesting? I use the correct scale notes over the chord progression.
  • A: Using the correct scale notes is a good first step. But it does give the solo an air of predictibility. The idea is to create a sense of tension and release - that’s what makes a solo interesting. When you play a scale note over a chord, the most restful sound is when that note is a chordal note, i.e. belongs to the chord. You can create some tension by playing a non-chodal note (still within the scale). An example would be playing F over a C Major chord. It has a tendency to resolve to E, which does belong to the C Major chord. But a greater tension/release effect can be achieved by resolving a non-scale note (a note outside the scale itself) to a scale note, e.g. Eb resolving to E over a C Major chord. Try approaching your scale notes from a semitone below or above. Feel the tension/release effect as the non scale note resolves to a scale note. As somebody once said, there are no wrong notes, only wrong resolutions!
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