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 Visitorsí FAQs: Songwriting

  • FAQ: Iím a songwriter/guitarist and Iíd like to put a demo together to play to publishers/record companies. How many songs should I present? How do I choose them?

  • A: Write as frequently as possible  - make it a part of your day. Use different methods to write your songs - donít be too rigid with your technique! When you complete a song, itís time to test it on people you know (and even people you donít know so well!) The next step is important: be aware of the COMMON THREAD FACTOR. If one person makes a comment about your song itís no big deal. If ten people make the same comment, then thereís probably something in it. Listen to recurring comments and make a note of what people like about your recording. Highlight this factor in your next recording - it might be your voice, your guitar solos, etc. When you have three great songs itís time to put a demo together. Why three? Well, a writer can stumble on one good song, maybe two; but three is probably no accident! More than three, and you start stretching your busy music execís attention span!!
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