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 Visitors’ FAQs: Squeal Notes

  • FAQ: How do I make a note squeal or scream?
  • A: The sound you refer to is related to the generation of harmonics with the right hand.(assuming you’re right handed - mirror directions if not!) Sounds complicated, but you can get a feel for this via the following experiment: pluck the note D on string 2 fret 3. Now with your right hand finger 2, VERY LIGHTLY touch fret 15 on string 2 (12 frets higher than the original) while the note is sounding. As soon as you make contact pull your finger away. You will notice that the original note is replaced by a note exactly an octave higher! If you add vibrato while sounding the note it can create a very nice effect...

    Now let's try it using a different approach: place the pick so that only a very small part of it is exposed for picking. When you strike the note, your thumb will now be much closer to the string as it passes fact, if your thumb touches the string after the pick does, you will very likely generate a harmonic. Try experimenting along the length of string. The note generated does depend on where you strike the string.
    Now all you need to do is put your guitar thru a serious distortion unit, use your back pickup and hey presto! Your harmonics will turn into screams/squeals!!
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